Serve in short term and long term positions
The Saint Louis Torchbearers 2 offers positions to help complete the work we are entrusted to do with youth.

If you have an interest in serving with us, send an email to [email protected] to request an application.

We can host unpaid internships and students who need volunteer credits as a school requirement.

Stipends can be given for internships, but is
done on a limited basis.

Youth and Young Adults, 16-24 years of age,
may qualify for income based job training and receive $10.00 per hour through a 3rd party.
 Camp Supervisors
Number of Vacancies (2)
Camp Counselors Number of Vacancies (10) 
Interns:   All positions can be hosted as an internership:
Camp Supervisors, Camp Counselors, Volunteer Coordinator, Sustainability Coordinator, Social Media Specialist, Administrative Support Technician, Development Facilitator

  1. The Day Camp Supervisor is responsible for the implementation of the camp program, as well as the supervision of the camp counselors, campers, and volunteers. This person reports to the Day Camp Manager. Must be at least 21 years of age, have a driver's license, excellent oral and written communication skills, ability to organize and motivate a group of people, able to organize and manage work in an efficient manner. (request a full description).
  2. The Day Camp Counselors report directly to the Camp Supervisor and will be responsible for assisting the camp supervisors in the daily administration of the summer camp program including: ensuring the well well being & safety of the campers in his/her group, facilitating games & activities, providing daily feedback to the camp supervisors, filling out required paperwork, maintaining daily logs and making sure the camp environment remains safe. (a full description is available upon request).
  3. The Development Officer will lead the strategic fundraising efforts for our non-profit to raise funds to benefit successful implementation of our programs. This job relies on making contacts to convey the vision of our distinct programs in order to solicit donations. This person will foster collaborative relationships with representatives from area organizations participate in continuous training to ensure successful results from short and long term fundraising events.
  4. The job of the Sustainability Program Coordinator is to design and support implementation of sustainability activities throughout the components of our organization to help the participants become good stewards of the environment and gain awareness of careers in this field. This position will maintain a working relationship with the Sustainability Director for the City of St. Louis; motivate students to participate in new programs,; as well as collecting and reviewing data regularly to write reports.
  5. The Social Media Specialist is responsible for planning, implementation, and monitoring of our social media strategic plan to increase brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and increase donations for all programs.
  6. The Administrative Support Technician will work in cooperation with the Day Camp Manager and serve as the authority and expert source for information of all administrative functions. All external phone calls, correspondence, messages, records, documentation, management, printing & duplication, publication & forms management, supplies will be under the direct management of the Administrative Support Technician.
  7. The Volunteer Coordinator in cooperation with the President & CEO will recruit and manage volunteers and includes being responsible for assigning responsibilities to volunteers and recommending the retention of the best people. The Volunteer Coordinator will distinguish talents of the volunteers and do his/her best to motivate & inspire the volunteers to excellence. The person in this position must have excellent organizationkils and have the ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds & experience The goal of all of the efforts of the Volunteer Coordinator is to ensure that our organization is always 100% staffed with the best most reliable individuals and that the volunteers are correctly place, as well as receive recognition for helping us fulfill our mission by issuing certificates, thank you letters, , holding end of the event celebrations, etc.

Camp Supervisor

Camp Counselors

Sustainability Coordinator

Development Officer

Sustainability Coordinator

Social Media Specialist

Administrative Support Tech

Volunteer Coordinator

  1. Field Trip Chaperone
    General: Maintain a level of authority and help students participate in the field trip program by making sure they are on task, listening attentively, following directions, and completing the activities assigned.
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